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Deanston Virgin Oak

Good price/good vanilla

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@squidboy007Review by @squidboy007

4th Apr 2013


Deanston Virgin Oak
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Found this interesting NAS Scotch for $30 USD. I decided to pick it up after recently trying the Bowmore Legend, to compare NAS malts.

The Bowmore Legend was a very predictable light-Islay flavor. Pretty good but not really worth reviewing beyond saying that it's worth the price, if you like Islay (which I do.)

This Deanston is more intriguing. The nose is a noticeable vanilla, with hints of smoke here and there. Compared to the usual "types" of sweetness in Scotch, like sherry, fruit, caramel, etc, the vanilla is a nice alternative, and the smoke helps it not to be overbearing.

The palate is a little spicier than the nose gives away. Some others have described it as citrusy, but to me it tastes more of that sea-salt found in Bunnahabhain 12 or even Talisker. It is surprisingly salty for a non-Islay/Island scotch, and probably the weakest part of the drink. It is also somewhat "thin" and lacks the creaminess/oiliness of some drams.

Thankfully, the finish is just as nice as the nose! It is long, and very warming. The sweetness comes out a tad towards the end as well.

Definitely worth trying at least once. I'm bumping up the score five points due to the GREAT price. You can sort of tell it's a cheaper NAS, as it doesn't have a lot of depth, but it's unique.

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