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Diageo 2020 Releases

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RianC replied

The Talisker 8 rum finish will be interesting and I'm still yet to try a Laga 12 so will keep an eye on the price of that one. I also fancy the Cragganmore as last year's seemed to be a bit of a hit and I was gutted I didn't take the gamble.

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BlueNote replied

Appealing as they are, I would expect that most of those will be super pricey and headed for the elite end of the market.

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RianC replied

@BlueNote - Agreed. There's usually one or two bottlings that are just about affordable but it's totally a cash grab gimmick nowadays.

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Victor replied

I've tasted the Mortlach 21 yo. It's very good, but the 16 yo is even better, and much cheaper.

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