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Edradour 10 Signatory UCFC 2022

Characterful Sherry

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@RianCReview by @RianC

15th Feb 2024


Edradour  10 Signatory UCFC 2022
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I've had a bit of a nasty virus recently and am only just getting my sense of taste and smell back; luckily, this is a whisky that leaps out the glass, which should help!

Bottle has been open a good few months with half left. A very deep, dark red and all natural hue to it too - ex oloroso casks, two, to be precise. Review is with two drops of water and rested for 15 minutes.

Nose - big; sour dough, damp, dry sherry, mint leaf, mild pepper, a touch of dark tobacco (blue Drum), stewed dark fruits, Christmas pudding.

Taste - sour arrival turning sweeter - red apples, more stewed fruits - peppery, more yeasty notes in the development. Pleasant but less than the nose promises.

Finish - short to med, at a push. Some fruit lingers yet dry overall, with some black liquorice at the death.

I like this Edradour but it's fair to say that the nose, and definitely the colour, promise more than the palate and finish deliver. Not your usual style of sherry though, this feels quite raw and 'small batch', compared to a lot of similar aged sherried malts, which, of course, it is. Unique and full of character? Yes! Nectar of the gods? Not quite, but you could do a lot worse for your money ...

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