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Edradour 12 Year Old 2004 Straight from the Cask #365

Dark & Sweet

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

2nd Jun 2018


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The period in which Edradour was jokingly called Edrasour is long past, luckily. Since Andrew Symington and his team took over in 2002, I have tried nothing but good stuff from this distillery in Pitlochry. Let’s give this 12 year old at cask strength (SFTC on the label means Straight from the Cask, after all) a go then. Oh, lest I forget, it matured on a Sauternes wine cask. What a beautiful color!

Deliciously fruity nose, but with a twist. Allow me to explain. First I get loads of fruit in the guise of apricots, peach, candied pineapple and even a hint of overripe mango, but that is soon followed by a leaf of mint, some mustard seeds and even a hint of curry. But so good!

The body is fine and so is the taste! Even better than the nose promised. Dark and sweet on all kinds of citrus, dried apricots, brown banana, sugared orange peel, Turkish Delight and nut liqueur. It is also quite spicy on cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The tannin gives it a bit of a drying edge, but this is so succulent that he can easily take it.

The finish is long, very long. And dark and sweet once more.

Well, for my 25th encounter with Edradour, I am happy to report that it is a gem. Around 80 EUR for a 50cl bottle. Not cheap, but what a whisky!

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cricklewood commented

Nice review, I've really enjoyed what I've tried from Edradour/Ballechin. They seem to be making a spirit that has a lot of character and kind of old school.

4 years ago 0

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