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EvaRees started a discussion

With the recent release of (Kilchoman) Kh1, and several other attention-gathering bottlings over the past few years, I've developed a curiosity about The Elements of Islay independent bottlings, done by the Whisky Exchange (www.islay.com). Between my love for Islays and the unforgettable "urine sample" packaging, I can't get these out of my head.

I've come across them in the UK, but never put it on a priority list to sample. In the States, I don't think I've ever even seen a bottle available, much less in a bar where I can try by the dram.

Have you had any experience with these bottlings: good or bad? Do you think there's a standout? Are they worth pursuing?

12 years ago

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kian replied

I bought a number of these a few years back. Ar1 Ar2 Lp1 Cl1 Lg1, all of them were top notch with probably the ardbegs and laphroaig being the pick of the bunch. The Br1 Bn1 and Kh1 didnt really interest me but if you can get Lp and Ar then grab some and have one for me.

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Rover replied

@evarees I have a couple of bottles of Pe1 (Port Ellen) which i really brought as an investment, so haven't managed to open them yet...At £150 per bottle, not sure when or if they will be opened? Saying that, i haven;t seen any for sale either, so either a bit of a rarity or just not many about..

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cowfish replied

If anyone has any specific questions then please let me know/post them - I work for TWE and help out with the Elements bottlings. Honest feedback is also always appreciated, so please do post whether you think they're good/bad/boring/etc.

I don't know if we have anyone selling the Elements range in the USA, but I'll have an ask when I'm back in the office tomorrow. TWE does of course ship to the US, but it does cost...

My recent favourites have been the Kh1 and Bn1 - big and smoky, and filthy respectively. I do like a whisky that has a hint of diesel to it.

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Kutter replied

I have the Cl1 that I have bought at "La Maison du Whisky" in Paris. I like it very much. It is typical Caol Ila with a bite. I would love to try the Ar or Lp....

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