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Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 12

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

28th Feb 2016


Elijah Craig 12 Year Old
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This review comes about after I read a review by @Angelmonster. I had a sample thanks to @Paddockjudge, and it was interesting to taste a bourbon for the first time after freshly reading someone else's impression of it. I decided to come back to the second half of the sample tonight and decided to turn it into a review.

Batch A13852245 47%

Nose: Vanilla, butterscotch, with modified Ashok manoeuvre it brings out a complex fruity aroma with pineapple. Evokes memories of Amrut single (Bourbon) Cask. 22/25

Taste: Not as sweet as some other bourbons. A little thin in mouthfeel, but not weak in flavour. Compared to something at higher AVB the flavours feel a little lighter and more subtle. There is vanilla, some fruit, and a slight spiciness. 21/25

Finish is short, not too remarkable, a little astringent. 21/25

Balance. The nose and palate complement each other nicely. 21/25

Total Score 85/100

This is a pleasant whisky. On days when something higher strength might be a bit too much, I might find myself reaching for this if I want bourbon. I can see someone trying this and imagining the heights it could reach if it were bottled at cask strength.

Luckily, I’ve tried EC Barrel Proof and it is quite delicious.

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Astroke commented

I believe I will stock up on this while the LCBO has a glut of the 12 yr age statement left.

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Looks like a lot of people in Ontario agree with you. The place where I bought mine had 6 and is down to 1 2 days later, and stocks are dwindling across Ontario.

Burlington and Ancaster have a few but Hamilton is out. Let me know if you need me to try to round some up for you.

8 years ago 0