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Evan Williams 1999 Single Barrel

Unexpected treat from Evan Williams

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@QYVReview by @QYV

29th Sep 2009


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I don't like Evan Williams whiskeys at all, so I was skeptical when I was recommended to try their 'Single Barrel', 1999 vintage. It turned out to be quite a treat! Much sweeter than normal EW, it mellows amazingly when on the rocks. It's almost like a dessert whiskey, with notes of vanilla and caramel. Even if you don't like American Whiskey/Burbons or Evan Williams, this reasonably priced bottle is definitely worth checking out




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SBinGA commented

This, in addition to Basil Hayden, is one of my favorite Bourbons. It's a nice, smooth drink over rocks or straight.

13 years ago 0

flyfish commented

I think the folks at Heaven Hill make a mistake in not giving Evan Williams Single Barrel a distinct name in recognition of its clear superiority to their regular bourbon of that name. There are potential customers like QYV who might never taste the good stuff. My wife and I toured the distillery. When we tasted the Single Barrel we were just blown away by the dramatic difference in quality. It's available locally for only $27--a fantastic bargain.

11 years ago 0

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