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Evan Williams White Label / Bottled in Bond


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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

20th Jul 2017


Evan Williams White Label / Bottled in Bond
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As I continue branching myself out into American whiskies, I was looking for decent, affordable bottles. As I did some research, bottled in bond whiskies have stricter standards than standard bourbons, and are distilled within one distillery season and can still be affordable. So, here we go. Evan Williams "Bottled in Bond." Fits the bill and this bottle was $14.99.

Fresh bottle, the dram has been sitting for about an hour.

Nose: On the inhale, I get a fresh cool minty sensation with some pine wood. On the exhale I get sweet dark cherries. Really changes from inhale to exhale. Very intruiging nose. Not overly complex but the stark change between inhale and exhale is interesting.

Palate: Not quite as interesting as the nose. It takes a while for the flavors to settle. Not a great balance. When it does settle down it is quite nice. Very smooth. Minty yet with a chocolate sweetness. Like a York patty. Not really much spice from wood or rye. The palate yeilds some sweeter, maraschino cheeries instead of the darker cherries on the nose. Quite sweet.

Finish: A nice, long finish. Minty, sweet. Still not much spice. Some sweet gingerbread as well with a little banana thrown in at the end. Distinct flavours that aren't muddy like on the palate. Nice finish.

Overall: You'll like this if you like sweet, smooth bourbons. It's not spicy, it's sweet. I wish the flavours on the palate were a bit more distinct. Maybe if I were more patient...but, I do feel this is a good value bourbon. It is definately sippable at $15, and there are other $15 bourbons that are only useful for mixing. So no complaints here.

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Nozinan commented

I just finished a dram of Booker's I started a few weeks ago and couldn't finish then... I'm thinking of the price, probably $50-70 CAD depending when and where I bought it.

All I can say is, with bourbon ( and OGD BiB and 114 are the exceptions that prove the rule), you get what you pay for.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

MadSingleMalt commented

@Nozinan , just because I know you can be as pedantic as I can be, you might like to know that that is not what "the exception proves the rule" means. In your examples, the exceptions actually disprove the rule.

"The exception proves the rule" means that if you can express the rule in terms of the exception, then the rule is implicitly understood to apply in all other cases. Like if a street sign says "NO PARKING ON MONDAYS," then the implicit meaning is that parking is allowed on all other days.

To scrape up a whisky example, let's make up a hypothetical new rule that only cask-strength whisky over 30 years old can be sold at an ABV of less than 40%. That exception would implicitly mean that "minimum 40% ABV" is the rule for all other whisky.

6 years ago 0

Taco commented

I got a bottle of EW BIB for $11.99 and found it to be quite decent neat and goodish on the rocks. Great for summer sipping, as I prefer sweeter whisky in the heat. However, I did get a bit of spiciness also. Definitely a good, if not great, buy. Fills out the low cost end for my bourbon buys.

6 years ago 0