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Finlaggan Cask Strength

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Finlaggan Cask Strength

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Finlaggan Cask Strength

When I first tried the Finlaggan Cask Strength, I was quite satisfied. So when my whisky buddy Pat offered me a sample of a recent release ā€“ 18th May 2015 ā€“ I gladly took and will try that today.

Soot, asphalt and dried grasses with a good dose of butane gas precede hints of citrus fruit, young apples and some almond paste. This nose also shows a bit of salt and a lovely dose of peat. Unmistakably Islay.

It is very smoky, spicy and surprisingly sweet on the palate. Oh, boy, this is quite a spicy fellow. Iā€™m sure the ABV has something to do with that as well. I get all warm inside. Apples, grapefruit and lime go hand in glove with salt, ginger, liquorice and some pepper. Honey joins in, but does not stand a chance against the overwhelming saltiness. This goes from sweet to salt to very brackish and it works like a charm.

The finish is long, smoky and nicely warming.

Nice whisky that reminds me of Lagavulin, but obviously I cannot be certain about that.


This Finlaggan has a cask strength of no less than 58%, so buckle up. It is named after the old Finlaggan Castle on Islay, from which the Lords of the Isles and Clan MacDonald ruled the area. Today, it is nothing but a ruin. The whisky, however, is still very much alive. Even though it is a NAS bottling, I am told the contents is a 6 Year Old (most likely Lagavulin).

Ouch! It is off to a very weird start on cow pat and dried grasses, warm asphalt and soot. Lighter fuel. The fruit struggles to get past it. What succeeds is dark. Think plums and a kriek. Then some caramelized apples and something of walnuts with finally some lemon. It opens up, luckily (for the first whiff on cow manure was quite a scare). Oh, lest I forget: a truckload of peat and salt.

Wow, it is a whole lot sweeter on the palate. The fruit arrives first (apple, lime), inundated with a strong mix of herbs, before the peat and mostly the silt attack without remorse. Midpalate it turn quite earthy, if you know what I mean.

The long finish on liquorice and salt fades very, very slowly.

Well, this was quite the adventure. Might as well (and maybe it is) be a single cask Lagavulin, but at a dumping price. Recommended! There is also a Finlaggan The Original Peaty, a Finlaggan Old Reserve, a Finlaggan 6 Year Old and a Finlaggan 10 Year Old.


Can I ask if this review was of the older green bottle version, or the newer clear bottle version? I just ordered this, and was slightly disappointed to see that at least in the new clear bottle version there's added caramel colorant.

@Tandem, it came from the green bottle as depicted here.

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