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FOOD, man cannot live by whisky alone.

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 20th Jan 2019, show post

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paddockjudge replied

Fall is upon us. We may well have frost tomorrow night. The last produce of the year has been picked.

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RianC replied

@paddockjudge - very nice haul! Throw in some ground beef, spices and beans and you have a home grown chili.

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RianC replied

Duck breast with sauteed potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. I've made these potatoes many, many times but never quite been satisfied ... until now! Seems like par boiling and starting from from cold water, not hot, was the key. Man, these were the crispiest and fluffiest inside I've ever done. Finished with a touch of garlic and rosemary just before serving.

A Nikka from the Barrel helped me so the preparing and cooking.

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@paddockjudge Those are some beautiful green peppers! I love what they bring to a chili or “spaghetti sauce” (I know many Italians hate that term).

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