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FOOD, man cannot live by whisky alone.

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 20th Jan 2019, show post

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Nozinan replied

I challenge anyone to find a tastier dish in any North America style Chinese restaurant. My wife has perfected sesame ginger chicken. And in hindsight, the Heineken 0.0 would have likely been a better pairing.

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Nozinan replied

The food onslaught continues.

Last night I BBQed chicken wings three ways - with the secret family seasoning, with BBQ sauce and with hot sauce.

This morning, faced with unused pancake batter, I made raspberry blueberry pancakes with banana and craft maple syrup.

Tonight, my wife grilled marinated pork and beef and I had some over rice (with Vietnamese fish sauce). My kids wanted pizza, and Having discovered the dough hook on my kitchenaide (who needs a bread maker?!), and with a new found plentiful supply of yeast, a pizza was born! And it was good...

Nicely accompanied by a good brew... Heineken 0.0.

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fiddich1980 replied

@Nozinan There use to be a term in my University days "The Freshman Forty". A first year student spending their time eating and studying for the first two semesters. I wonder if you may be dealing with the "Covid Forty"? We're all spending out time isolating and cooking.

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Hewie replied

Sorry no photo for this but - my wife makes the most amazing sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and poached pear. This was requested for our dinner party with friends last night but my wife wanted to change it up and make it a whisky caramel sauce. "Can I use some of your whisky?" was met with a long pause from me which conveyed I was less than enthusiastic about that idea. "How much do you need?". I offered up some Ardbeg 10. OMG, what a fantastic result and so worth it. The peat going well with the dark caramel - what a winner!

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Nozinan replied

@Hewie My wife has made sticky toffee cake many times and when it is for members of the connosr family I have been known to add bourbon to the caramel sauce..

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BlueNote replied

@Hewie I'll have to pass that tip along to my friend's wife who makes killer sticky toffee pudding.

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Nozinan replied

@OdysseusUnbound Isn't there something in the Criminal Code about poisoning people...?

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