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Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve

A pleasant diversion

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

12th Oct 2012


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I had high hopes for this. After enjoying the Confederation Oak Reserve, and reading the accolades and tasting notes I was expecting the port version of a Sherry Bomb.

Forty Creek continues to put out quality expressions in their special releases (this release was of just 6600 bottles).

The nose in this is quite impressive. One or 2 drops of water (no more!) help to bring out a rich port aroma. But there is a slight rubbing alcohol quality as well. Though not too unpleasant, it makes imperfect a very engaging nose.

The taste, despite a craft-level 45%, was a little dilute. My tongue kept asking for just a little more. Figs, spices, and port again. The finish, though smooth as advertised, is short compared to many single malts I've nejoyed.

This is a good whisky, but I'm comparing it to some great ones I've had. I think that 1-2 more years in the cask, a little longer in the port casks, less dilution (50%? cask strength?) and this could be on par with some of the finest single malts around.

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Nozinan commented

Sorry - This is a review of FORTY CREEK Port Wood Reserve. Somehow the Distiller was not added to the review

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Added a point to it tonight. Same bottle, gassed the whole time. I haven't opened it in ages.

Time has been I good to this whisky. I got a hint of anise in the nose tonight which I do not recall from before. Also some red currents or gooseberries.

7 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Trying this today in a port sipper or port pipe. Definitely a new experience.

This is the same bottle. With gas preservation it seems to have maintained its quality quite nicely, about 1/3 full. I can't change any numbers today because I'm still learning with this new glass. don't get much of a nose, but the flavour seems to punch above the 84 mark.

6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Down to the last few cc today as I put this one H2H2H with Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and Wiser's 22 (Port cask CS). Here is an excerpt from my QR review in progress. I will add this to my W22 review as well (for posterity):

On the nose, the Forty Creek has a dark dried fruit note that is deeper than the Wiser’s, which has a slightly vegetal note, as does the Glenmorangie. There are definite similarities to the two Canadian whiskies, which have the rye spiciness absent in the Scotch. Tonight, I would give the nose to the Forty Creek, which has a syrupy, dark fruity, and fresh nose.

In the palate, the FC is sweet and spicy. Very clean , slightly peppery on the finish. The Glenmorangie is as above. The vegetal note doesn’t carry over to the palate. The Wiser’s is richer, sweet, with a thicker mouthfeel (not surprising with a 14% higher ABV and no watering down). I like them all.

I don’t think it is fair to rank them because they are very different whiskies, but I think the exercise of putting them H2H2H is extremely educational, demonstrating the similarities and differences in a way you just don’t get from tasting in isolation.

7 months ago 0

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