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Four Roses - Small Batch

Nice nose nice taste

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@jack09Review by @jack09

16th Jul 2015


Four Roses - Small Batch
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My first Four Roses bourbon. It has 25-35% rye in the mash bill.

Nose: alcohol, sweet butterscotch, rich dried apricot, cooked apple note, spice notes, vanilla, oak and honey in the background. Cherries.

Taste: quick arrival, velvety mouth feel, black liquorice, sweet malty fruit, smooth rye spices kick in, wet tobacco.

Finish: medium to long, caramel and spicy finish, lightly bitter and dry with black liquorice notes and some mint, nice finish.

Conclusion: nice, i like it from the 1st tasting. An enjoyable bourbon, better than Knob Creek Small batch IMHO. At 45% ABV, it numbs my toungue. Would I buy it again? Yes

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Pete1969 commented

I am a big fan of Four Roses the small batch can hold its own against bourbon in a higher price bracket as does the single barrel. If the mark up in your are is not too big I would suggest the 50% single barrel is well worth a few extra notes, the alcohol is well integrated and personally I prefer without water. Another distillery worth a try would be Wild Turkey try to get the 101 NAS the modern 8 year is not as good IMHO, the Rare Breed batch WT-03RB is excellent, I find it opens up after a week or so, the reviews of the new bottling are also looking encouraging. Happy bourbon hunting.

8 years ago 0

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