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George Dickel Rye

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

7th Oct 2021


George Dickel Rye
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As I continue my exploration into rye whiskies, I saw this on sale for $23 and decided to give it a shot. I haven't had a lot of George Dickel in my life, despite living 2 hours from Tullahoma, and I bought two this month. The only reason one would ever go to Tullahoma is to visit the distillery, otherwise it's a very small town with nothing to do. The drive there from Nashville is quite a scenic drive though.

So let's get some things out of the way first: 1. This is MGP. It states on the label "Distilled in Lawrenceburg Indiana." I'm glad it states this on the label, and unlike some, I don't mind that it's MGP. 2.) They advertise it as "chill-filtered." Like as it's a good thing. Big, white letters that say "chill-filtered" on the front of the label. Then they call it a "unique filtering process" because it's chill-filtered before the Lincoln County Process. Not my favorite marketing bit.

Bottle has been open about a week and is 90% full. Neat in a Glencairn.

Nose: Minty on the nose along with some fruit-gummy candies and rhubarb/strawberry dessert. A bit subdued, but pleasant enough.

Palate: Again, quite minty. Like, Colgate toothpaste minty. Some vanilla, but yeah the mint really is the dominate force here. Very light and crisp. Not much body, pretty smooth. You could easily drink a lot of this as it just doesn't seem like much is there.

Finish: Mint, rhubarb dessert, decent enough and long lasting.

Overall: I guess the search will continue for a budget rye that I enjoy. This is very light, smooth, drinkable, etc. but not very much body and pretty one dimensional. So far, Knob Creek Rye is the only rye I would go purchase. It had a lot of that nutty, spicy stuff that I look for in a rye. This is just too flat. Easy to drink, but boring and flat. Do not recommend.

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Astroke commented

Have you tried Old Forester Rye as a budget option?

2 years ago 0

casualtorture commented

@Astroke I have not. The only OF I've had was their 1897 "prohibition style" and it was very good. I'll try that one next!

2 years ago 0

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