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George T Stagg

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JackSkellington started a discussion

Is it really all it is hyped up to be.....have been disappointed by whiskies which have been so emphatically recieved before? Want to get a really great dram for Christmas and thought this should be the one.

12 years ago

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WhiskyNotes replied

Difficult to give advice if you don't have a Connosr cabinet or previous posts. The Stagg is really f-ing HOT. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's full of flavours, but too hot to enjoy neat imho. With a bit of water it opens up nicely - it's a flavour bomb and yes, it's really that good.

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jeanluc replied

I tried GTS for the first time recently, neat. It is F-ing hot that's true! I slowly added drops of water to find the optimal dilution for enjoyment and was surprised at how much I added. It still packed a punch!

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Avery replied

For me it´s pure LOVE in a glass...and I agree with WhiskyNotes and Jean-Luc...its f-ing HOT but in a good way...

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Victor replied

Taste is so individual that it is always a good idea if you can, to try a dram before investing in a premium whiskey, particularly at Stagg UK prices. This I promise you, @JackSkellington, George T. Stagg bourbon will not bore you.

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HP12 replied

Its for Christmas? Treat yourself to something special...and GTS is something special!

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Wodha replied

Rumors of GT Stagg hitting Seattle shelves next week. I'll try to get one. I've had one bottle a year for three years now. It's going for US$80 a 750ML bottle, if you can get one. Many stores have waiting lists and are only getting 3-6 bottles each.

I think it's an awesome drink. At 140 proof it's really two bottles in one. Nearly killed my old dad with a neat pour last year. Even after a bout of coughing he admitted it was great.

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I chickened out shelling out £100 on something before I tried it and stuck with two old faithfulls for Christmas drams- Highland Park 18 and Talisker 10!

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Victor replied

@JackSkellington, Connosr Discussions are forever. Please let us know your impressions of George T. Stagg when you eventually get a taste of it. It doesn't much in your glass to get a taste of Stagg...a little goes a very very long way.

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