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Glen Elgin 30 Year Old 1986 Signatory for Flander's Finest Cask Selection


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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

2nd Jul 2017


Glen Elgin 30 Year Old 1986 Signatory for Flander's Finest Cask Selection
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Our Flemish friends of Flander's Finest Cask Selection had also discovered this 30 years old Glen Elgin, that started its hibernation on 11 September 1986. It was bottled on 10th May 2017 and thus had slept three full decades on a hogshead. It is surprisingly pale.

Wonderful nose, a bit waxy and old school, on pineapple and Seville oranges. Some sweet butter. I am transported to the floor of old and rare books in the local libray. Dusty, grassy, but very inviting. Some heather and wood shavings. Unripe banana. Something mentholated and some nuts. This is pretty complex.

It is silky soft on the palate. Sweet and bitter at the same time, with a spiciness that offers depth. The fruit of the nose returned, while the menthol becomes mint tea. Citrus kicks in. This is well balanced indeed. The oak is fully under control.

The finish is wonderfully long and spicy, bittersweet until the death, when suddenly – unless I am dreaming – a surprisingly salty element emerges.

What a grand Glen Elgin! Wait… what? Only 145 EUR for a bottle? That is a joke, right? You are coming home with me!

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Robert99 commented

@markjedi1 It is complex, balanced and with a long finish. What does it lack to reach the 90 for you? It is just that I have difficulties to see the difference between an 85 and an 90. Is it lack of intensity, of originality or of prefered flavors? Anyway, I a, glad you like it.

6 years ago 0

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