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Glen Moray 16 Year Old

Suprising Speysider

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@britwhiskyfanReview by @britwhiskyfan

24th May 2011


Glen Moray 16 Year Old
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Not a particular fan of the Speysides I find them a little harsh for my tastes. But right from the deep gold color and may be a slight all spice noise.

Maybe slightly sweeter than other Speysiders, definitely smoother, no lack of taste with a nice depth of oakyness that leave the drinker happily satified.

Glen Moray is a nice place to visit.


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AboutChoice commented

Hi @GMJ, I'm surprised to hear that you find Speysides a little harsh, as they are often considered as the entry-level malts ... but each to his own ... and that's the way you see it. I could only suggest that Lowlands, such as Auchentohan, would be a bit softer. But I'm just curious as to what malts or categories you would find to be less harsh ? You seem to like the Glenmoray 16 in a big way ... I've never tasted one ... but will have to try it.

13 years ago 0

britwhiskyfan commented

My entry to malt was Taliker and Lagavulin, I know that their smokey peaty flavor is too much for some but they have a smooth after taste, Speysides like Glenlivet and Glenfiddich do not have the depth, which to some makes them accesible, but they tend to have kick. But I will concede that there are other spey siders like, Balvenie, Craggenmore among others so to correct my self it the south west corner of central Spey side I am not so keen on. I appologise to rest of speyside ....Oh yes Auchentohan is a great choice...

13 years ago 0

lucadanna1985 commented

I quite agree with GMJ: islay whiskies of course have the smokey/peaty flavours, but they cover the alcohol kick, which IMHO is much more evident in the average 12 yo speysider...

13 years ago 0

newlad56 commented

Nice review. This month, in the Virginia (USA) ABC stores they are carrying this whiskey for US $59.95 plus 6% tax. They are offering a US $15 rebate, which makes it a very good deal. So, it's off to the ABC store tomorrow to pick up a bottle. Thank you for a very helpful review.

10 years ago 0