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Glen Moray 20 year cask strength

Young at heart

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@conorrobReview by @conorrob

20th May 2019


Glen Moray 20 year cask strength
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If I didn’t know that Cadenheads don’t chill filter. I would know without a second glance at this bottle. There are literally bits floating in it... nom!

If I didn’t know that Cadenheads don’t add caramel. I would know by simply appreciating the light gold, almost honey like hue.


Buttery brioche, Lemon penny sweets, lemon sherbert, honey, a light maple syrup and gentle waft of crushed almonds and maybe cashew. Roasted rosemary arrives late. Light and well balanced with absolutely no show of this whisky lying at a hefty 52%


Now it’s fresh cut lemon up front with honey sweeening the whole affair- this would cure a cold quick - literally a pre made hot toddy. It’s thick, oily and mouth encompassing, with the alcohol more apparent here, if only because of the way the tongue tingles when you give the liquid some time to settle on your tongue.

Finish Tingling lemon sherbet returns and remains at the back of the throat and base of the tongue for a short while before vanilla and honey carry what is a sweet and long finish. Buttery brioche hangs around for a long time, well after the whisky has gone.

Conclusion As I finish this dram I note the bits that have stuck to the inside of the glass. This whisky is thick for a reason.

The surprising and best feature of this whisky is the fact that it carries such fine and delicate flavours whilst being so thick. The flavour profiles I find here I would normally associate with much thinner, younger whisky. This feels old without actually tasting old. It tastes young and vibrant whilst retaining the composure and mouthfeel of a much older whisky.

The bottle cost £75 and I am so impressed that I’d buy another to keep for later ... if this single cask hadn’t already sold out.

Special thanks to @Wierdo for mentioning this bottle after he bought one himself.


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Victor commented

Thanks for your review, @conorrob. Sounds yummy. I like the Glen Moray house style in general. A 20 yo CS sounds lovely. Cheers!

5 years ago 2Who liked this?

conorrob commented

@Victor see Glenmoray is not a distillery I have had the pleasure of tasting before this one. It’s Cadenhead so that must change the overall quality of the finished product. But man it was good... If it was possible, a sample or two would be flying out to you right now as I honestly believe this is one of the best (if not THE best) whiskys I have ever had the pleasure of sipping (or gulping)

Edit: on that note - if anyone does want a sample please PM me and I will do my best. This is one to be shared guys grin

5 years ago 2Who liked this?

Wierdo commented

Only just caught up on your review. I am so looking forward to opening my bottle now!

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

conorrob commented

@Wierdo really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I was (and am) seriously impressed. Thanks for the tip !

5 years ago 0