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Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original Double Cask

Honey Vegetal Shortcake

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9th Jun 2014


Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original Double Cask
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Delving further into the world of Glendronach. I would not call this one representative of the brand as far as I know, since it is more malty/bourbony than the older and more heavily sherried varieties.

First Vapor: Chocolate covered strawberries, very interesting.

Nose: Walnut oil, hay and honeyed cereal shortbread;
The built-up vapors are sneakers-and-solventy (walnut oil and balsamic). Subsequent breaths are shortbready (cereal-vanilla-butter) hay, with vanilla and faint strawberry follow-up.

Palate: Enters cereal hay, and picks up lemon peel. A strange vegetal hay sustains, and I can get a flash of that strawberry (but savory, stewed). Peaks with mouthwatering honey-cereal, if still vegetal.

Finish: Similar. Slightly drying vegetal tone underlies honeyed cereal and hay.

Very malty for a brand with a sherried reputation, which is explained by a double cask maturation. It seems to me that the sherry affects the nose rather than the palate, with nuts and fruit. Is that hay sensation coming from some peat? Interesting. A sample that was oxidized for a couple weeks did not change dramatically, but it did gain slightly grassier notes (as is common), so I marginally preferred this when fresh.

Within Glendronach, I find this most similar to the Octarine, but less salty grape/pumpkin and more malty hay. I prefer the Octarine by a couple points, for general improved balance. Outside Glendronach, I think I would consider this closest to the HP12— just more cereal honey and less sour. It is also reasonably close to Jura 10 Origin or especially their 16yo Diurach’s Own. The style is also somewhat similar to OP12 and Auchentoshan’s Three Wood (but maltier and less woody), both recommended.

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