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Glendronach 12 Year Old Original Sherrywood

Average score from 2 reviews and 5 ratings 90

Glendronach 12 Year Old Original Sherrywood

Product details

  • Brand: GlenDronach
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Age: 12 year old

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Glendronach 12 Year Old Original Sherrywood

I purchased this bottle several days ago, and am curious after watching a few youtube videos if only the Canadian stock says "non chill-filtered" and "natural colour" on the label....it seems that bottles purchased elsewhere do not make this claim; Can anyone confirm?

A fantastic whisky and a new favourite. On the nose, and without adding water: the sherry really comes through, complemented with notes of honey, almond and a sweet floral quality. at 43% ABV, this whisky is full-bodied, sherry on the palate, along with hints of maple syrup, and undertones of oak and fruit. As I thoroughly enjoy the taste of sherry I sincerely recommend this scotch to anyone who also appreciates sherry cask maturation.

The finish is long, and tends to increase in sweetness while the sherry notes linger.

A great whisky, and for the price (about $59.00 CAD), highly recommended!!

I assume that this is the new bottling (12 YO Original, 15 YO Revival, 18 YO Allerdice). The new bottles do list that they are non-chill filtered and naturally colored. Red label? Red tube? BTW, I agree. Really good stuff at a good price point.

Thanks Onibubba; and yes, red label and red tube -


I decided to crack this one open late at night after an evening out with some friends. And it looks like I made a super choice!

It has an unusual nose for a sherry finish. Mostly like sitting in a dank warehouse surrounded by mounds and mounds of moist sugar. The sherry brings out the dark autumn fruits like plums. This is accompanied by raisins. Then there's something nutty in there and finally a second stronger sniff reminds me of some kind of wood varnish.

While I think the nose may need a bit of work the palate is a work of art! It's spicy, it's sugary, it's caramely and all other sorts of misspelled sweet adjectives. Once again the dark autumn fruits jump in and start to make an impact while the spices, strong at first, mellow out and give this malt just the balance it needs.

A nice 43% finish which is dry, woody and full of liquorish, aniseed and plums. There is also an undercurrent of a bubbling meat stew which adds to the complexity!

Not sure how many people know about this expression but they should!

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