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Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

I'll see you in my drams

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@WhiskyBeeReview by @WhiskyBee

24th Aug 2012


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Both the GlenDronach 12 yo Original and the 15 yo Revival are among my favorite sherried whiskies. I regard them as subtle and complex versions of the same overall experience. If my tasting evening includes GlenDronach in the lineup, I'll include both expressions and enjoy the natural progression from one to the other.

Nose: Not as heavily sherried as the 15 yo (and it's my understanding that some older bottlings of the 12 yo contain but faint traces of sherry). Very floral at first, although this dissipates in a short time and allows a fruit bowl to emerge. Mostly bananas, red grapes, and orange rind. Traces of tea, fresh-baked yeasty bread dough, and maybe a touch of chocolate.

Arrival: A bit weak, actually, but pleasant enough with touches of caramel and honey.

Development: Again, mild on my palate, but in an interesting and subtle way. I taste the sherry influence mostly at this point. Honey and syrup dominate, with some ginger and pepper sneaking through. Let this one linger on the middle of your tongue for a while -- mmmmm!

Finish: Soft, but multi-layered, long-lasting, and quite satisfying. Delicate, yet very rich. Vanilla cream with sprinkles of white and black peppers.

My first impression of GlenDronach 12 yo was that it was a bit too light and feathery, but it's a grower that keeps revealing more and more with each taste. I have a slight preference for the 15 yo, but this is delicious stuff nonetheless. A good summertime whisky, as well as a fine starter for a tasting session.

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