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Glendronach 14 Year Old Virgin Oak Finish

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Glendronach 14 Year Old Virgin Oak Finish

Product details

  • Brand: GlenDronach
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 46.0%
  • Age: 14 year old

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Glendronach 14 Year Old Virgin Oak Finish

First thing you should know about this bottle is let it breath! I had this dram at a tasting event and found it a crowd pleaser with it's big banana nose and palate, so I bought a bottle. When I opened my bottle I was in shock! There was almost no banana and it was replace by a big nail polish with a lot of chemicals. Fortunately, if you wait a few months, the chemicals give place to the banana I was expecting but also to some sugar candy with vanilla and the heathers very Glendronach style. It's not the kind of scotch you will analyse for hours in a long discussion with aficionados, but it's a fun dram that will please you... After a wait of a few months.


GlenDronach is in the capable hands of BenRiach now, a distillery well known for its wood management. That’s knowledge they are now putting to good use at GlenDronach as well. In August 2010 GlenDronach released several wood finishes, including this 14 Year Old on Virgin Oak, meaning new casks of American oak, which is something you don’t see very often.

The nose bursts with vanilla, crème brûlee and banana and is rather dry. I get fresh wood shavings and something chemical I cannot quite pinpoint. Silicone?

The wood shavings are even more prominent on the palate, together with vanilla, spices up with ginger and nutmeg. The virgin oak has left it’s mark on this whisky, alright.

The finish dries your mouth completely.

I feel that Billy Walker and his crew are trying to achieve with GlenDronach the same level of quality as they already did with BenRiach, but cannot help the feeling that this spirit is less suitable for it.


GlenDronach 14 yo Virgin Oak (46%, OB 2010)

Nose: this has striking hints of freshly sawn plywood. You know, the edge of the wood that is slightly burnt by the saw blade. It’s toasted, quite dry, with lots of vanilla and faint hints of glue. Nougat. Green banana. Actually quite pleasant.

Mouth: spicy with hints of vanilla biscuits. Roasted peanuts. Nutmeg. Freshly sawn wood again.

Finish: medium length and dry.

A peculiar profile with obvious woody notes. Not as good as the BenRiach Virgin Oak releases, but a nice introduction to the style.

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