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Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 10

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

11th Oct 2015


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Another sample courtesy of @paddockjudge. I’ve tried the Glenfarclas 105 10 year and found it a little rough, though it did improve with some water. Without going back and looking at that review, how will a lower ABV and 5 more years in oak affect this distillate?


Neat - right off the bat I get the same vegetal smell as I get from the Bladnoch 12. Could this be the effect of sulfur? I’ll give it 10 min in the glass uncovered, then cover it for 5 and see what happens.

15 min later, the vegetal note has subsided but is still there. Getting some fruit behind it now. 19/25

@paddockjudge recommends a drop of water…… 10 min later:

The vegetal note has almost disappeared. Some darker notes coming through, consistent with sherry. (22/25) Taste:

Neat - Spirity, Some chocolate, a bit of that vegetal flavour from the nose. Not getting much sherry as I would have expected. 20/25

with water, more fruit, less vegetal. (21/25)

Finish - dry, bitter, not unpleasant 20/25. With water a little sweeter (21/25)


This one does better with a little water. I think it becomes a little more complex and a little more balanced.22/25

I scored it as it was with the water, because that is how I would take it. I’ll experiment with the remaining sample in the future and we’ll see if things change over time.

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Frost commented

@Nozinan good review. Your notes are consistent to my experience: dark chocolate and red fruits. I quite like the 15 a lot. Yet I find that Glenfarclas's "house style" really shines once you reach 21 onwards, yet becoming more gentle.

As a contradiction, I find the 25 to be more aggressive than the 21, 30 & 40. And for some reason, I prefer the 25 in this distillers style.

2 years ago 0

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