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Glenfarclas 1979 K&L Exclusive Family Cask 8072 (bottled 2012)

Easy-drinking, atypical Glenfarclas

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nReview by @numen

5th May 2013


Glenfarclas 1979 K&L Exclusive Family Cask 8072 (bottled 2012)
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Nose: Wow, very light. Pure strawberries and raspberries in vanilla cream. Malt and grssy. Hints of rubber and some menthol. Red fruit with lemon juice on it. Waxy-smoke (or smokey wax) and some roasted nuts.

Palate: Light and some bitter wood. A little oily. Bitterness in sort of a stale, weak coffee way. Silky. More on lingonberries and the kind of wood that you get from clean ex-bourbon barrels. Apples and bitter pecans. Even milk-fat.

Finish: The bitterness gives way to a very subtle chocolate-coffee-waxy-smoke. Pleasant red fruit and grass, and it remains very oily. More milk-fat and butter, almost like praline ice cream that's melted at room temperature. I really like this.

This is very much unlike the usual Glenfarclas sherry-monster, and, if you go in thinking that this is what it is, you'll be disappointed. This is a definite role-player, but it's very light and won't overwhelm you.

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Onibubba commented

Thank you very much for reviewing this. I am vacationing in SF late summer, and this is high on my list of K&L exclusives to bring home with me. I wish the ABV was a bit higher, but am thrilled and intrigued by the minimal sherry influence in this Glenfarclas. If this was even 100.00 cheaper, I would not be hesitating at all. But at 300.00. Wow. I've never paid that much for a bottle.

Your descriptions sound wonderful, but addressing the price, do you feel this was worthwhile purchase? Morever, would you consider purchasing another bottle.

Just FYI, I am also cosidering K&L bottlings of 16YO Clynelish and 17 YO Imperial (assuming it arrives in time). Any other K&L bottles you would recommend?

11 years ago 0

numen commented

Hey, @Onibubba, thanks for the comments. I really do like this, and it's distinct, not your typical 'farclas. If this were $200, I'd definitely have at least one more bottle. At $300, it's very good, and I'm glad to have a bottle of it, but I probably will not be buying another bottle of it. I do really love the quality and flavor profile of it.

The K&L Bladnoch was awesome, and the Imperial is supposed to be like it. I pre-ordered two bottles of it. I just tried the 1970, which was also excellent, but it's about twice the price of the '79. I've tried a few of some other K&L exclusives, but they're no longer in stock, and I'm sitting on samples from friends of a few of the other K&L exclusives that are available.

If you're considering branching out into brandy a bit, they've done some exceptional work getting great armagnac and good cognac. I like a lot of their offerings, but really keep tooting the 1985 Domaine de Baraillon armagnac, which is also a steal of a deal at $116. A friend sent me a sample and, in the middle of it, I got up and ordered a bottle, and then ordered another. I put my tasting notes here:


I'm not sure that I've been of any real help, but am more than happy to offer up suggestions or try to answer questions :)

11 years ago 0

Onibubba commented

@numen, that was super helpful. I have been interested in the possibilities of their Armagnac bottlings. I read the Spirit Blog religiously, and Dave seems very pumped about their stock. Have nevery had any before, but why not dive right in to the good stuff :) I think I will pick that one up if it is still available. I would pre-order the Imperial, but I will only be in town for a few days, and they are not 100% sure it will arrive in time. It is supposed to, but cannot promise.

11 years ago 0