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Glenfarclas' average rating is 87/100 from 197 reviews and 598 ratings

Glenfarclas reviews

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Glenfarclas 25 Year Old

Lots to do Glenfarclas 25 Year Old

Nose: Breathe deep. This is gorgeous and not at all harmed by the drop of alcohol, which is very consistent. Lots of sherry, which is the key note, then marmalade. It's a lovely wee experience.Mouth…

@McGrainBy @McGrain15 days ago 2 090

Glenfarclas 1986 / Family Casks / Cask #3447

Wild Pate Glenfarclas 1986 / Family Casks / Cask #3447

The Family Casks of Glenfarclas enjoy much esteem. This bottle, for example, will set you back some 500 EUR. Not cheap by any means, but you do get a 30 years old sherry matured malt. Will you look at…

@markjedi1By @markjedi1 about one month ago 2 190

Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

Delayed Gratification Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

I recently purchased a bottle of Glenfarclas 15 Year Old and I was going to open it when I found a sample I'd completely forgotten about. This sample is from a 2016 bottling of Glenfarclas 15 Year Old…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound2 months ago 11 590

Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

Nozinan Mystery Sample Series - 3 Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

Last summer @fiddich1980 provided 3 mystery samples for me and for @paddockjudge. This was sample B. We blind tasted them together over Facetime in the fall, and after writing preliminary notes the…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan about one year ago 4 486

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 45 Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

A recent review of this expression reminded me that I received a sample of this from @OdysseusUnbound back in 2017. I’ve wanted to try it for a while but I’ve not had an opportunity to sit down with it…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan about one year ago 3 684

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Sherry Coat Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Before we get stuck in to the review a little bit of background preamble is required for this particular bottle . . .You may notice that this bottle is from Nov 2013 and has sat in my stash for a good…

@RianCBy @RianC about one year ago 1 684

Glenfarclas 25 Year Old

Sherry Bomb-bomb Glenfarclas 25 Year Old

Had a miniature of this and the 21 year old come free with a bottle of the excellent 15.Nose. Big sherry and Kola Kubes (a british cola favoured sweet).Palate.savoury initially with surprisingly white…

WBy @Wierdo about one year ago 4 791

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