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Glengoyne 14 year old

A lesson in greed

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18th Nov 2018


Glengoyne 14 year old
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A naturally coloured whisky from a distillery which advertises the fact that it has the slowest stills in Scotland. Olorosso sherry casks are used in maturation.

Nose A soft waft of vanilla and caramel accompany glacè cherries. Ginger and cream round off a well balanced and gentle nose. For those in Britain Fox’s crunch biscuits come to mind.

Palate Cereal, ginger and sweetened cream make a meal of this dram. Sweet Medjool dates, a dash of cinnamon and bitter orange peel.

Finish A medium finish jam packed full of sweet dates and wood spice. Cinnamon and orange peel linger.

This scotch is sweet and soft, if someone told me this was 20% abv i don’t think I would question them. A whisky I would gladly sip for hours... if I were after something easy and sweet. My greatest negative, and one which I feel has a hugely detrimental effect is that 40% is just far too low an abv for this scotch. It could handle much more and would benefit greatly for every %. The only reason I can see for Glengoyne bottling at 40% is greed. And for this reason, this whisky misses the mark.

Saying all that... At the £35 I paid for it in An offy in London Liverpool Street... I would buy every bottle I happened to lay eyes on...


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RianC commented

I tried a sample of this and put a review up earlier this year. I'd say you sum up my experience pretty closely as in, a good enough whisky but it seriously needs some oomph!

On the greed thing: Whilst it obviously suits their pockets to bottle at 40% remember this is a bottling for M&S. Do they have discerning whisky customers? Yes, more than likely but I'd say this is aimed more at the casual sipper who wants something a bit different for their Xmas/birthday annual bottle. And at that, it probably works and is very enjoyable to them - 'smooth' you see smile

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

conorrob commented

@RianC just read your review. Yeah I think we have this one down .. I have to admit I didn’t think of it like that but you are right! Completely hits the mark with their target audience. Honestly hits the mark with this consumer too ... the dram I have on the go remains very agreeable!

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

Victor commented

There is always a place for a whisky which is "easy drinking".

@conorrob thanks for your review.

5 years ago 2Who liked this?

conorrob commented

@Victor there certainly is in my cabinet ...

5 years ago 0