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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

A Good Start

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@cheeserandyburgReview by @cheeserandyburg

12th Dec 2012


Glenlivet 12 Year Old
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Had this one in the cabinet for a few months and decided to give it a crack this evening since its not the priciest of the bunch and quite easy to acquire.

Colour - Medium/Light gold.

Legs - Slow, thin.

Nose - Sweet, honey, vanilla, syrupy chocolate. Yes thats right, all in one! Loads of chocolate. Its as if someone dipped a chocolate bar in this one. Quite a lot of floral notes going on. Fruity at the front (apples), sweet in the back. Pleasant nose. No smoke and a hint of citrus (oranges) shying around and about.

Palate - Thin at first and somewhat dry, then it opens up to a little sweetness, then more sweetness...but then, nothing. The nose doesn't make an appearance here, which is quite a shame. Unfortunately it just ends, which brings us to the finish.

Finish - Fast, dry, simple and abrupt. Not much happening here. This isn't a bad thing since the experience was pleasant, but all too quick to go on by. But that's ok, I'll just have another :)

Conclusion - A fun, simple any time of the day whisky. Don't expect to find an amusement park of complexity in here, but instead a delicate, sweet and dry enjoyable dram. Luckily this ones on sale for about $43 (down from $47) at the moment which begs the question whether I should grab another bottle or just save that $ for a bottle of Aberlour 10.

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Frank1 commented

Nice review. I'd personnally go with the Aberlour 10 next, but that's just me. It has a bit more complexity and character going on than the Glenlivet 12, along with being nicely balanced. The mothfeel is also better: Glenlivet drinks a lot like some blends, in my opinion, in that it ends so abruptly after the sip and then you get a whole lot of vague nothingness in the finish...

Another good entry level malt is The Arran 10, especially if you like subtle fruity (orchard) notes in your whisky.

11 years ago 0

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