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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

a great everyday dram

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fReview by @fishy1oh

25th Oct 2014


Glenlivet 12 Year Old
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a very well priced single malt scotch, great for beginners looking to make the transition from blend to single malt or for the experienced drinker who wants a light, smooth easy going everyday drink to sip on. a sweet speyside drink, it is light on the nose with fresh summer fruit notes, mainly grapes and pear, it is slightly spicy and smoky and given time to open up in the glass a citrus aroma begins to come out. smooth on the palate, it is very aromatic and sweet. honey and vanilla bean along with a fresh fruity note are the first to be noticed. the development is subtle and the strong smoky finish creeps up slowly but brings with it an overpowering charred oak taste that hits you right in the back of the throat. personally i find this has an excellent balance between sweet fruits and subtle smoky peat. i would definitely recommend this drink to all, but be wary if you don't like a peaty finish there are sweater whisky's out there for you.

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Pandemonium commented

I'm a little surprised to see a glenlivet 12 at an 88% rating, but a judgement backed up with some interesting notes. I for one was never impressed by the 12yo, I do not think that the 12yo is a step up from the regular supermarket blends. There are probably even better blends at a lower price available.

9 years ago 0

BrugnerBrokk commented

Good review! :) I have to say that probably I would not reviewed this single malt scotch no more than 80% rating, but it is only my own opinion, because I rather prefer Islay peaty malts. I am going to review glenlivet 12 soon, I was a little bit disappointed at first, then day after day I began to observe and to discover more in its taste, it's more complex than I realized tasting my early dram. It is a good speyside single malt, although it is not my cup of tea I like to alternate strong peaty whiskies with something fresh, fruity and delicate like Glenlivet.

9 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

I haven't had this in years but now I'm a little interested in it again for the sake of looking for that bit of peat in the finish that fishy1oh noticed.

9 years ago 0

fishy1oh commented

thanks guys^ i rated it so high i think because i based it off first impression, now that i've gone back to it a few time i maybe would drop it down to a 86 but i still think its up there. personally i like the fruity beginning paired with the smoky finish. and in comparing it with other 12 year olds around the same price i still think its the best one!

9 years ago 0