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Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra

Batch 0614C

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@Pete1969Review by @Pete1969

17th Sep 2015


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Pale gold colour coats the glass as you swirl and savour the aroma.

Nose: apples, ripe Galia melon, vanilla and citrus

Palate: sweet melon followed by crisp green apple and zesty lemon, warming cinnamon and ginger follows.

Finish: spicy with mouth drying oak cleaned up by another burst of lemon which makes the mouth water.

Added a little water 5ml to 50ml, to second pour after having the first neat and I found it gave a more spicy palate and finish, the haze in the liquid was expected but had no adverse effect on the taste.

This is really good stuff so much more to it than my usual bourbon fare.

Kudos to all you guys who have submitted so many reviews I have limited whisky experience but have used this site too gauge what I might like, so far so good.

Now what to try next that I have not had before, unopened on the shelf are HP12, A'bunadh batch 50, Yamazaki Distillers or the mighty Bookers. All bought on the back of your reviews so hoping for good things.

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Alexsweden commented

A good assortment of different styles waiting for you then. I'm sure you'll have much joy!

8 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

@Alexsweden I never realised that there was so much choice when I started, or so much joy.

8 years ago 0

Benancio commented

@Pete1969. Nice review.

This is a great site, I use reviews to make my decisions as well.

This one has been on my list for years, just seems like I always spend my money elsewhere. I need a bottle.

8 years ago 0

MaltActivist commented

Good call. All reviews combined Connosr is pretty much spot on for 99% of the palates. Of course then you have Jura lovers...

8 years ago 0

Victor commented

@MaltActivist, I laughed out loud! "...then you have Jura lovers..."

All this talk of Nadurra 16 going No Age Statement has me nervous. I've never owned a bottle of it, but I do like it a lot,...and I just let a sale on it pass me by...

8 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

@MaltActivist not really looked at Jura reviews but I take from your comment it's not a distillery you recommend. I have yet to try a peated style holding off on the Islay until I have developed my taste.

Looking at Auchentoshan, Glenfarclas and Nikka as my next distillery choices probably NAS apart from the Glenfarclas I fancy the 15 year.

8 years ago 0

Taco commented

Glenlivet is making a huge mistake dropping the 16YO Nadurra. It's the only really good bottle I've had from them. Very good whisky, not great, but very good and worth having in your cabinet. I always miss it when I don't have a bottle around (like now!). A quality break from the peated and sherried whiskies.

8 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

Just finished the bottle off and true to Victors warning it does not take oxidisation well, I had left the last pour for around 3 weeks while trying other bottles and the fresh nose was lost and became astringent on the palate. I will be getting some small bottles for decanting next time. I did buy another bottle last week I love Xmas offers less than £40 for such a good whisky.

8 years ago 0

Taco commented

I never seem to let it sit around long after I open the bottle. Like Clynelish 14, Oak Cross and Glenmorangie 10, it tends to disappear fast. I do love my tasty bourbon-cask single malts. BTW, I can pick up bottles of a 8/14 batch of Nadurra 16. Anyone know anything about that bottling?

7 years ago 0

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