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Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra

Worth it!

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FReview by @Forceman

21st Jan 2013


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Bought this for $45 during an after christmas sale. Normally $65 or so in Wisconsin. The wife told me i could open it only after we finished our other open bottles so... we had some friends over and finished the others up! Cracked this open last night to enjoy with a movie. This is our first cask strength scotch. Nose: VANILLA! Very prominent, but there seems to be a whole bakery in there. Like walking into a doghnut shop early in the morning. Sugar cookies, and a bit of alcohol. Not as strong alcohol smell as i expected for the abv. Sweetness of a fruit, maybe raspberry. I could nose this for hours, and, in fact, poured myself a second dram just for the smell. It lasts for a good long time.

Palate: Again, a lack of burn for the abv. Very easy to sip neat. Vanilla comes through, as does the cookie. The fruit gets a little stronger, but not as fruity as other Glenlivets like the 12 or 18. Honey. Not super complicated but much better than the 12 15 or 18 options. Very smooth but kind of numbing.

Finish: Numbs the tongue and roof of the mouth for quite a while after swallowing. Vanilla again in the sinuses. Fruit comes out most in the finish here. Medium long.

This is a sweet dram that has its place as a dessert or after dinner drink. For the sale price I found It would be a great weekly sip to add variety from the daily dram. My wife loves this scotch, and the fact that vanilla ties all three a aspects together is very niceas a balance. I love it. Iwill have to find the batch number and will add it later. It should be noted that other reviewers have noticed a difference in batches, so the number could be important if you are comparing your bottle to this review and find some discrepencies.

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ewhiskey commented

Great Review! I also recently tried Nadurra and was blown away. I made a mistake a while back by steering clear of Glenlivets because the company just seemed so commercial. I convinced myself (ignorantly) that it's scotch just wouldn't be able to live up to the other scotches I've tried. I'm glad I got over my snobiness because Glenlivet is and extremely well balanced scotch that offers great comfort and relaxation. Now back to Nadurra, I was blown away by how intense and full the aromas and flavours were all the way through. And as you mentioned a couple of times, it goes down much smoother than you would think a 53% ABV. Thanks for sharing!


8 years ago 0

Forceman commented

Its not really fair to avoid just because it is common but I'm glad you aren't "snobby" anymore. My first scotch was the glenlivet 12. I have a wonderful memory of a wedding anniversary with a glenlivet 18 that helped make the night. They make great scotch. Thanks for the comment and get as much nadurra as you can. A little rumor is circulating that glenlivet is no longer releasing it, so whats on the shelf may be all there is :(

8 years ago 0

systemdown commented

Agreed that the Nadurra is an outstanding offering. Glenlivet can be amazing - I was blown away by a sherried one I'd tried at an SMWS tasting. I wish they'd release single casks of some of that stuff instead of blending it into oblivion into their core single malt ranges.. but I digress.

If the Nadurra is being discontinued, I will certainly be grabbing a couple before they disappear!

8 years ago 0

Forceman commented

Further note... the batch number for this reviewed bottle is 0312s.

8 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Hey - a fellow Cheesehead!

I too enjoy the Nadurra; not overly complex, but as you mentioned in your detailed review it's really a nice/sweet dram, and unlike similar unchill-filtered higher abv whisky's (I'm looking at you Astar) it goes down quite well without adding water.

8 years ago 0

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