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Glenlivet 18 Year Old


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@tjbReview by @tjb

11th Jul 2013


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This has a lovely nose of green apples, sultanas and sherry,

The Palate brings warming spices, This is lovely and smooth. Again, green apples, sultanas, some sherry, honey and winter spices.

The finish is long, dry with a tang of spice and oak.

This is much better than the 12 year old.

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BlueNote commented

@tjb, I agree totally, This is good stuff and right up there with most other 18 year old Speysiders. It should not be avoided out of a misguided bias against the ubiquity of Glenlivet. This distillery is capable of putting out as good a malt as any. Thanks for the review.

7 years ago 0

teebone673 commented

BlueNote nailed it. This is an outstanding malt. Glenlivet should never be overlooked, especially the 18. One of my top 5 malts. Love the stuff.

7 years ago 0

systemdown commented

I concur with the general sentiment here. For me, it's by far the most outstanding Glenlivet offering in the sub 20 year old "regular" line up (I don't include the Nadurra in this equation - if I were to do that, it would trump the 18).

Gorgeous nose and palate of raisins, toffee, apple pie and sherried spices.

7 years ago 0

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