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Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

NAS Glenlivet

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

17th Nov 2015


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This is the new NAS Glenlivet - not sure if it is meant to replace the popular 12 Year Old, or if it has just been added to the range. It comes wrapped in a copy of the original license to distill, issued in 1824 to founder George Smith, and contained in a box with a nice eye-catching blue colour. Not sure why it's called Founder's Reserve, as it neither belongs to the founder (who died over a hundred years ago), nor is it from reserve stocks (I'm sure they have this stuff a-runnin' off the still at breakneck speed). Ah, marketing.

The colour is a medium gold. On the nose there is crisp barley, green apples, underripe bananas, pineapple and citrus notes such as orange and lemon. Background hints of vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate speak to well-used bourbon barrels. A bit grassy, more so with water. Rather quiet but pleasant in a timid way.

The palate is quite nondescript, with vague traces of malt, orange, apple and spice. A bit of honey as well, with herbs and more vanilla. But all these notes are very muted - definitely needs more oomph. Water doesn't help the palate, making things rather spirity and astringent. Disappointing, and speaks to its youth.

The finish is mouth-watering with more green apple, banana skin and a bit of oak. The Glenlivet 12 Year Old is known for being very light and unassuming (I like it as a nice starter to a tasting, or aperitif - it's a little underrated, in my opinion). But if you think that one is light, wait until you try this. If the 12 is dialled up to a 7, this one is down around 4. It has many of the same notes that make it unmistakably Glenlivet, but it just needs a bit more. As someone once wrote, there is no there there.

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Nozinan commented

I think your mark was quite generous. I tried this at this year's spirit of Toronto and was overwhelmed by how underwhelmed I was.

6 years ago 0

talexander commented

Ha - I like your wordplay! My score might seem generous only because for enjoyment I like the light, fruity style of Glenlivet. And there are some fantastic Glenlivets out there like the 15, the 25 and some indie bottlings. It had elements I enjoyed but yes - underwhelming.

6 years ago 0

BigJoe commented

@talexander A very accurate review here and I agree 100% with your thoughts. I enjoyed this one and you happen to have come within 1pt the score I gave it some months ago at 77. If only I could write my thoughts this well.

6 years ago 0

talexander commented

Thanks @BigJoe! Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I'll have more time to write more reviews. I'm pretty behind, though last night I wrote up the Highwood Ninety 20yo, which is amazing.

6 years ago 0

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