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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old

Birthday Honey!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

22nd Aug 2012


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My brother in law recently celebrated his birthday and when him and my sister in law came to the house they brought with them a bottle of Glenmorangie 10 yr old that HIS brother had bought for him for his birthday.

I decided to crack open my bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel in honor of this occasion, especially since my brother in law was sharing his bottle of Glenmorangie.

Now I've had quite a few tastes of Glenmorangie this year, but never the 10 yr old.

But having had the Astar, the Nectar D'or, and the Quinta Ruban I figured I'd enjoy myself.

So my brother in law cracks open this bottle which is filled with this sunlight golden liquid.

Looks yummy!

My brother in law pours the whisky into the glencairns and the first thing our noses get is sweetness, specifically sweetness from honey.

It's a lovely non offensive nose of honey, fruits like pears and apples, vanilla, and caramel.

This is definitely a nose that won't scare a newcomer to whisky away, unlike an Ardbeg or Lagavulin :D

We decide to take a drink at about the same time and the first thing we both comment on is the strength.

It feels very thin, almost water downed.

Flavors that come through though are the honey, the fruits again, oak, vanilla and caramel.

Again completely inoffensive.

The finish is fairly short and sweet with the honey and oak singing the leads in the chorus.

This is a very nice entry level single malt, but I have to be honest neither my brother in law or myself felt it was very complex or even brilliant.

This is an easily accessible single malt that I'd be happy to introduce whisky novices to, but I don't think I'd ever keep it in my collection unless I received it as a gift, at which I would be a happy man to have a good whisky in said collection.

Nice thing for whisky novices and people looking to get their start in the world of single malts is that this whisky is fairly easy to find and won't break the bank to buy. Should only run you somewhere around the lines of $60 AUS.

However I'd personally spend around $20 bucks more and pick up the higher strength Nectar D'or and Astar.

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