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Glenmorangie Artein 15 Year Old

Drink of Gods...

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@VinodiuzReview by @Vinodiuz

25th Jan 2012


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Yes,...finally!! Today I get my own new piece of Art of the legendary Glenmorangie, the Artein. 15 Years old and rested in great Super Tuscan wine casks from Italy. This is the most delightful, most pleasant, most fantastic whisky what I ever tasted! Clean, red-fruits, sweet, fresh...just wonderful.

Here is my review of this legendary dram:

Nose: sweet, honey, red-fruita (most like strawberries, raspberry,...)still that Glenmorangie vanilla-citrus fragrances.

Taste: This is really different than the nose. Full bodied, fresh, delight, very fruity like fresh forest red fruits as cassis, strawberries, blue-berries and some cherries. a Maqnifecent woody aftertaste with hints of mint.

Finish: So wonderful! Long, at the beginning the sweetness of the honey and than the woody and menthol part will be long and fade slowly away with fresh peppermint elements.

With the fantastic Alligator of the great Ardbeg I scored this most beautifull whisky of Glenmorangie also a 100/100! It is a Private Edition, so there will be limited editions. Be quick to own a bottle. I can tell you this one of the fantastic Glenmorangie will be sold out in a very short of time!!!


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markjedi1 commented

Wow, that sounds pretty amazing and... in my opinion and because of my experience with Glenmorangie, rather extraordinary. I'm hoping to taste this at the Whisky Festival in Belgium next month.

8 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

Goodevening Sir markjedi1,

Yes, it is a very highly recommended dram to taste...well let's say to buy! If you like Glenmorangie, than this surely is a must have! It is extraordinary yes, just as the great Finealta. But still, the great Glenmorangie elements are in this maqnificent Artein.

I wish you a very great time in Belgium at the Whisky Festival and that you will taste the Glenmorangie Artein, and ufcourse other great drams!

8 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

Nice tasting notes @Vinodiuz

100/100 is a big score, personally I don't think any whisky is 100% perfect. Otherwise where do we go from here? What happens when you taste something better than Glenmorangie Artein? 101/100?

Better to keep a few points in the locker for the whisky wonders that could lie undiscovered, even if this is the best thing you have tasted to date. This is just my opinion though.

8 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

Goodmorning Sir Jean-Luc,

You are right, I'm totally agree with you. a Whisky is not 100% perfect. But I can tell you, these 2 what I gave 100/100 (Alligator-Ardbeg and the Artein-Glenmorangie) are really for me just 'perfect'. Everything is there for me in those 2 great drams. So that's why the points 100/100.


8 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

People should at least try some 1970's Ardbeg, 1960's Bowmore, old Springbank, Caperdonich and Glenfarclas before giving more than 95/100, otherwise I can guarantee you'll want to give them 140 points.

But I can imagine this is a nicely made, modern whisky. I'm looking forward to trying it.

8 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

I think I was to overwelmed about this great dram as the Alligator of Ardbeg to give them a 100/100. I know that I must try the good old ones what you mentioned, as the 1970's Ardbeg, 1960's Bowmore and other fantastic drams who don't have to be old. I will keep that in mind for the next time for score a whisky. As Jean-Luc and you said 100/100 is a very highly score. But still, for me the Artein-Glenmorangie and Alligator-Ardbeg are for me the best what I ever tasted yet, truelly perfection, those 2! But for everybody different ufcourse. Everybody get's theirs own taste. That's why I give the Artein and the Alligator the 100/100.

8 years ago 0

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