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Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition

Sweet, Fruity and Bourbony

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@MistyReview by @Misty

4th Feb 2016


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I haven't done a review in ages, so time to correct that! Last night I tried the new Glenmorangie Milsean (Private Edition). I’m Irish, so the word “Milsean” is very familiar with me; it’s the Irish word for sweets that you would buy from a sweetshopnewsagent. This whisky is finished in re-toasted wine casks. Interestingly this was released to market earlier than planned. They had expected at least a 5 year maturation in the wine casks, but pulled it after 2.5 years. It presents itself very well (packaging).

Nose: Bourbon, and a high quality one, straight from the go. Complex and subtle sweet fruity aromas appear. Dried orange peel, loganberry, melon, cherry, raspberry and discreet oaky tones. Very fruity but it’s kinda of subtle and doesn’t leap out of the glass. Time is needed. Mouth: Instant ginger spice hits that then evolves into thick, fruity and sweet flavours. Many different kinds of berry fruits and yes you could imagine you are in a sweet shop. But it’s not as cloying as I had feared. The finish is unusual. Ginger spice roars and it turns from thick to thin. But if you wait long enough a subtle fruity berry note appears at the very end, starting your mouth watering all over again. What is fun is the berry note in the final finish seems to evolve with each sip, first sip it was loganberries, next sip it was cherry. Fun stuff.

I can see why they pulled it earlier than expected. Already a roaring ginger spice is present that may have swamped it if left much longer. So very nice, fruity and sweet. You can still taste the Glenmorangie spirit under everything and the initial bourbon maturation sings loudly too. I think this will do well.

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Misty commented

I'm not sure about this. It grows tiresome after a while, and feels a little bluntly sweet if you get me. Not one I reach out for again and again.

7 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Thanks for this, and a very welcome back to review writing! I'm very curious to try this now, because I tend to not mind if a malt is on the sweeter side. Whether the Milsean is a malt for my taste or not-- might depend on what kind of sweet it is, I guess. There's honey-malt sweet, px raisin sweet, there's the sweetness of premium rums, there's licorice sweetness, and there's artificial sweetener aspartame/Sweet'n'Low. But in any case, a drop of 7-8 points from your original score is not a good sign!

7 years ago 0

Misty commented

Thank you. I guess this falls into the winey, liquorice almost sweetie type of sweetness. You will probably like it if that style suits you. I compared it to the sonalta recently and I way prefer that one. I come home from work longing for a dram of a fantastic sherried glenlivet I got recently, but tend to ignore this bottle!

7 years ago 0

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