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Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition

Glenmorangie Milsean

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@sorrenReview by @sorren

6th Mar 2016


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The 7th edition of the Glenmorangie private edition has arrived at ocdwhisky office, Glenmorangie Milsean, I think it will be rude not to try it and put my review out. Glenmorangie has now reached no 7 in the private edition collection, they recently put out this beauty named Milsean ( Scots Gaelic for ” sweet things” ) this is pronounced ” meel-shawn” this expression is the latest innovative finished whisky, matured firstly in ex bourbon casks before being extra matured in former wine casks, that have been re-toasted. Glenmorangie just seem to have the knack for turning out these ” finished ” whiskys, and Damm fine they have been too.. So this expression has been bottled at 46% abv.. image Nose.. Wow.. How sweet does this smell, a massive instant rush of sublime candy, everything from candied orange, caramel and rich vanilla fudge. Then you get wave after wave of pear drops, honey and butterscotch, some ripe pear and stewed Apple, and a spicy note like cinnamon and ginger. Towards the end once you manage to get past the sweet barrage of aromas you get some dried fruits and liquorice notes, soft scents of tobacco end this incredible onslaught..

Palate.. As soon as this hits the mouth you instantly get that sweetness, a massive rush of natural sugars, the fruitiness is incredible, there is so much going on in this, one minute your getting vanilla and toffee, then you have citrus notes, then right back to caramel. Orange and some grapefruit arrive with a subtle hint of melon, before spices like ginger and cinnamon take their turn, a little almond flavour mixes with coconut, the flavours just keep coming and coming..

Finish.. A lingering array of sweetness and spices make this finish worthy of the drinking experience you have just had..

Thoughts.. Either I am getting a sweet tooth or this is really delicious.. I find the nose just Devine, the palate delivers just what the nose suggests there will be and more, this is a multi dimensional whisky, it has so much to offer, the flavours just hit you in wave after wave. If you don’t like sweet whisky with delicious flavours and a complexity beyond the typical ” finished ” whisky then this is not for you.. But if you fancy something that will make you sit up and think, something that will challenge your taste buds, then what are you waiting for.. Dive in to this world of sweet shop, candy loving liquid in a bottle..


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Misty commented

I wish I could say I liked it as much as your review. I have an opened bottle that I don't touch really.

5 years ago 0

sorren commented

I do have a sweet tooth.. I do think it is a marmite type.. Most I know love it.. Some like you are not keen.. That's the power of taste ????

5 years ago 0

Misty commented

I normally love sweet whiskys too and was really excited to try it. I guess I'm more aligned with horsts review on whisky.com or maybe have a dud bottle. It feels very young for me too.

I tried a lovely sweet 11 year old speyside glenlivet from TWE recently. Really nice, cask strength at 75€.

5 years ago 0

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