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Glenrothes 1994 vintage

The most citric Glenrothes ever

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@WhiskyNotesReview by @WhiskyNotes

15th Feb 2010


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Nose: the first few seconds are filled with buttery toffee which is typical for The Glenrothes. After that, a wave of zesty lemon shows up and make it a lot fresher. Its spring-character shows juicy pears and orange fruit gums with a touch of vanilla. Very citric. Lemon pie. Slightly flowery with hints of Cif (the cleaning cream). None of the spices that we see in older Glenrothes bottlings.

Mouth: rather weak and watery. Quite malty with a fruity layer of fresh plums. Hints of hazelnuts in the aftertaste.

Finish: not very long and quite soft. Pears. Light ginger and nuts.

On the nose, this is the closest to a Lowlander that The Glenrothes will probably ever get (although the trademark toffee is still there). Probably very teasing as a summer dram, although I prefer the spicier profile. A higher alcohol volume would be welcome.

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jeanluc commented

Interesting read. Do you have a favorite Glenrothes expression @WhiskyNotes?

12 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

Sure, but I'm afraid it's mostly the older vintages and the single casks. The 1978 / 1979 vintages are great. The 1979 / 1980 single casks are superb as well (but very expensive).

12 years ago 0

jwise commented

Thanks for the review. It sounds like this one is all the things I DON'T care for in Glenrothes! I guess I won't be tempted to spend the coin on the '94.

12 years ago 0

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