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Glenrothes 1994 vintage

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Glenrothes 1994 vintage

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Glenrothes 1994 vintage

Glenrothes 1994 Vintage, Limited Release - Speyside

ABV: 43%

Have this one for dessert, but not the main course. This is a very inoffensive scotch, with flavors that are not rugged (at all). Nose is fragrant, palate is sweet, the warming finish is slow-developing.

If you want to have a change of pace from a steady stream of smokey Islays, this Glenrothes is, in a way, the anti-Islay. You could confidently give this to someone who would typically shake-their-head-no when handed a liquor drink.

The packaging of this bottle of scotch makes the owner feel like they have picked up something unique. This is no lie either. It may not take you on a roller coaster ride, but it is very pleasant. It's almost unique in that there are no ups-and-downs at all, just smooth sailing...

Nose-20: sweet-lemon, orange, bread, white sugar

Body: oily, clean

Palate-21: sweet-hickory, maple, caramel, oak

Finish-20: slow warming orange and honey, lingering oak, with a mild lemon-ginger tingle

Balance-22: this whisky does not lean very far in one direction or another. It stays its course. Unfortunately, this is also what makes it only moderately interesting.



This 1994 vintage Glenrothes (bottled in 2009) is an average offering from this Speyside distillery.

It has the typical Speyside nose of nuts (specifically almonds), lots of citrusy vanilla, warm brown chocolate with a layering of woody oak. It's nice but offers no complexity.

The palate continues to be on dimensional and, frankly, I did not expect it to be anything else. There is the familiar honey and chocolate peppered with cinnamon with a woody undercurrent. But that's it.

The long finish is woody and a touch dry.

A ho hum dram.


Nose: the first few seconds are filled with buttery toffee which is typical for The Glenrothes. After that, a wave of zesty lemon shows up and make it a lot fresher. Its spring-character shows juicy pears and orange fruit gums with a touch of vanilla. Very citric. Lemon pie. Slightly flowery with hints of Cif (the cleaning cream). None of the spices that we see in older Glenrothes bottlings.

Mouth: rather weak and watery. Quite malty with a fruity layer of fresh plums. Hints of hazelnuts in the aftertaste.

Finish: not very long and quite soft. Pears. Light ginger and nuts.

On the nose, this is the closest to a Lowlander that The Glenrothes will probably ever get (although the trademark toffee is still there). Probably very teasing as a summer dram, although I prefer the spicier profile. A higher alcohol volume would be welcome.

Interesting read. Do you have a favorite Glenrothes expression @WhiskyNotes?

Thanks for the review. It sounds like this one is all the things I DON'T care for in Glenrothes! I guess I won't be tempted to spend the coin on the '94.

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