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25th Jul 2011


Glenrothes Select Reserve
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I acquired the Glenrothes Select Reserve from a tasting 3-pack that contained the Select Reserve, 1991/2008, and 1985/2005. I've had it a few times before from various bottles but my notes are based on the one from the 100ml tasting bottle.

Glenrothes uses its own approach in bottling their whisky mostly by vintage instead of by years aged. They also have NAS bottles which I guess they fill with non-vintage years, the entry level one being this Select Reserve .

Nose: Apple/apricot/pear fruit, vanilla, lemon citrus. Following hint of brown sugar. Some alcohol throughout.

Palate: More vanilla, orange citrus, butterscotch, peach. When my wife had a sip she thought there was a hint of coffee bean.

Finish: Light, sweet, smooth. Bit of maltiness. Young but light burn.

This is a great everyday malt. It's light and pretty smooth for what is reportedly a pretty young single malt. Of the 3 in the sampler set it was close as to which I liked better between this is and 1985. The 1985 had a lot of sherry and was a lot smoother but the flavors seem to be fighting themselves a bit.

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jwise commented

Yes, this is an entry level malt, but I adore the 1991 and others from this distillery. I have several unopened vintages set back for special occasions. The 85 is one of them. I would love to get a sMpler pack as you did.

12 years ago 0