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Goldlys Pedro Ximenez Finish 12 Years old

Scarface of sherry whiskies

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

17th Mar 2013


Goldlys Pedro Ximenez Finish 12 Years old
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  • Brand: Goldlys
  • ABV: 43%

This is the Limited Edition Double Still Whiskey of 2012 from Belgian distillery Goldlys. Because of it's aggressiveness, it was hard to imagine it had already 12 years of age and only 43% ABV. It was subtle with sherry but very spicy. It attacked me immediately from the start and kept on burning my mouth until the finish, which was over way too quickly.

I'm not saying this was bad, actually for a sherry whiskey, it was okay. And I always like the roughness too. Although this was like Scarface asking me to say hello to his little friends, the spices.

Goldlys Pedro Ximenez 12 year old is a very aggressive whiskey indeed. And I didn't spot any Belgian waffles in there (like somebody somewhere had advertised). I haven't tried cocaine but I can imagine this is pretty close to it. Powerful and stingy spices hit your mouth and you are starting to turn into Scarface yourself. I felt like Tony Montana in the middle of a coke mountain, trying to stuff it into my mouth because nothing seemed enough for me.

Nose: Wood and sherry are the main aromas. Dry and stingy at first but turns much smoother with time given. I didn't smell any waffles

Taste: Spicy sherry. Cinnamon and ginger take over very powerfully and the sherry influence remains subtle. A bit dry and woody with an earthly feel.

Finish: Very quick sherry blast with spices. Way too quick, it's a shame.

Balance: Not a complex whiskey, gives you a decent fix in a hurry. A positively subtle sherry experience with a too weak after taste. The taste was definitely the best part, even though it tried to rag doll me.


Rantavahti commented

Here's the official name: Goldlys Belgian Double Still Whisky, Pedro Ximenez Finish 12 yrs - Limited Edition 2012. I read somewhere, that there's only been 1850 produced bottles of this.

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