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Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve

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Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve

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Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve

Nose: Soft cream, floral, alcohol, berries, citrus, fresh faint sherry

Palate: Spicy, creamy pepper, rough on the edges, however, the sherry finish adds a nice sweet bite to make it much more tolerable.

Finish: In typical Grant's fashion, its quick and doesn't last long. Peppery notes hang on briefly with a hint of sweetness and that's about it.

Enough though its only 40%/alc, it benefits from a dash of water to calm the roughness and grainy notes and opens up some additional subtle, yet, enjoyable flavors.

Conclusion - A fair, basic blend. Much better then the regular Grant's blend. With water it gets a little drier and bitter, but despite its mild nature, its a enjoyable cheaper sipper.


Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve is a respectable budget Scotch. It has maybe a touch less complexity compared to the standard Family Reserve, but there is the added richness of the Oloroso casks.

You get raisin and hints of peat and toffee on the nose; with water it becomes juicier with lots of fresh grape. The taste and mouthfeel are also improved by the addition of a bit of water or an ice cube, smoothing out the rough edges of the young grains and enhancing the whisky's sweet-spicy character. The finish is short.

This is a light-bodied, easy-drinking whisky that lacks the bitterness that throws many young blends off balance. I appreciate its approachable character and the way the sherry influence sits in balance with the rest of the flavour. Good stuff.


Funny how this label is still not on connosr - it's a decent blended Scotch, nothing spectacular but I do like it. Thin bodied with a light-to-medium amber colour - but a fairly complex aroma of olive oil, sherry and a hint of mango. Buttery taste of tropical fruit, slightly sweet-n-smoky and some light caramel. Long warm finish.

And as of 2014 its still not on the site! lol I just picked this up today as I enjoyed the regular Family Reserve quite a bit last year. No smoke in the original, but I see there is some in the Sherry version? If so, it's fairly faint no?

It's been a very long time since I've had the Sherry version so I don't recall if there is smoke or not. It's certainly possible.

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