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Grant's Ale Cask Finish

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Grant's Ale Cask Finish

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Grant's Ale Cask Finish

Thanks to @talexander and @mrallen for the reviewed samples. Grant's Ale Cask Reserve was finished in Innis & Gunn Ale Casks. There is no age statement. I do not know how long the reviewed bottle has been open

Nose: strong apple plus citrus are the main themes. This is agreeably sweet, with bananas and butterscotch. There is a little spice. Pleasant

Taste: the nose translates with strong sour balancing the sweetness. This tastes very strongly of Cask Strength Glenfiddich 15 to me. You can make out beer influence when you look for it, but without prior knowledge I doubt that most would perceive beer influence

Finish: long finish, but goes more sour and bitter (hops?) than I would like

Balance: this is an interesting variant on the Grant's theme. It is a nice change of pace, and the sort of distinctive whisky which can fill a particular mood or craving

Interesting. I happen to like Innis&Gunn beer, and i do find Grant's to be decent so after reading your review if i find a cheap bottle somewhere (tax-free maybe) i think i'll pick it up. Cool title btw!

@Victor thank you for the review. It's not a bad blend with a different cask. I expected to like the Grant's Sherry cask more, but liked this one more so.


This NAS blend is quite unusual in that it is finished in beer barrels, which I believe held Innis & Gunn ale (an Edinburgh brewery). Of course, being Grant's, this will have a mix of Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Kininvie, grain from Girvan and who knows what else. This is an older bottling that has been open for some time (though I'm not sure how long). Many thanks to Ross Allen for letting me sample this.

The colour is a light brownish gold (almost a beer colour!) Quite malty on the nose, with dark honey, overripe banana, heather, a hint of mango - quite herbal and fruity. A very light, slight ale character, with a touch of oak. Water brings out some floral notes. Very nice though nothing special.

On the palate this is quite creamy, with more dark honey, malt and lots of fruit: papaya, peach, citrus. A hint of smoke. Again, there is a quality reminiscent of ale - a mouth-puckering tartness that is a nice compliment to the creamy mouthfeel. Water makes it even creamier - a very nice addition. Very interesting and delicious.

The finish is a little hoppy (or is that my imagination?) with some spice and citrus - also some tart apple at the very death. This is unusual and very enjoyable - easy to drink and different enough to feel very novel. But it doesn't fully work for me - I prefer the standard Grant's Family Reserve, and would probably rather drink that with a bottle of Innis & Gunn. Still, worth seeking out and trying if you can.


nose: A very feminine profile , citrus, fresh cut grass, honey, malt, cereals and mash tun perfume (thank you Tommy!) some hints of banana and aniseed.

Palate: sweeter, with some honey, cereals, lot of malty stuff, getting bitter and cocoa powder towards the ending.

finish : dark chocolate, and cocoa powder.

A nice daily dram for sure. the best of the standard line (family reserve and sherry) and affordable.

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