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Great Southern Distillery Limeburners Cask M59

Australian Whiskies Save The Day 5!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

26th Jun 2012


Great Southern Distillery Limeburners Cask M59
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  • Brand: Great Southern Distillery

My wife and I were on the last whisky in the series of tastings of Australian whiskies at The Grove in Margaret River.

The weather had been stormy and windy and rainy.

Now when I say stormy and windy and rainy I mean trees blowing down. I mean parking lots flooding. I mean power flickering in and out and you're possibly going to be stranded at your hotel.

Yah that kinda stormy.

The fun kind.

My wife and I had decided that we needed a weekend away, sadly we hadn't taken the weather into account.

This was the last day of our weekend and we'd both been looking forward to this tasting for weeks, however the weather forecast was saying that later tonight the storm was supposed to reappear.

Just bigger and badder.

So as much as I was getting a massive kick out of the whisky tastings I was stressing what was to come, especially because we were going to have to leave our lodge at 4am the following morning.

Now we'd tasted quite a few different Australian distilleries, starting with Hellyers Road, Timboon, Sullivan's Cove, Lark, Bakery Hill and lastly Limeburners.

Now The Grove is only licensed to sell Limeburner whiskies and our host, Liz, was extremely informative and had opened up the cellar for us.

Now you're probably wondering what I mean when I say open the cellars.

Well in this series of whisky tastings you get to taste six whiskies over the course of an hour.

We'd tried nine whiskies over the course of almost two hours, getting to try some VERY special whiskies.

Now we'd tried different versions of Limeburners, some matured in bourbon barrels and finished in brandy barrels, some finished in Riesling barrels, a distiller's edition.

A couple of these bottles on first taste I immediately purchased.

They are EXTREMELY yummy.

No you can't have any, it's all mine.

You get the point.

The last whisky we were going to try was the Limeburners Cask M59 which was the distillery's very first peated whisky.


We love peat!

Well I love peat.

My wife loves me.

It's sorta the same thing right?

Anyway as I nose the glencairn I get what I've come to think of as The Limeburner nose.

Spicy, fruity, but with peat!


So as I nose the glencairn the first thing that hits me is peat, but as I continue to nose I get a faint whiff of vanilla, the fruit I think is pears, but it could be apples. Awesome aromas!


Reminds me of the Hakushu 12 yr old to be honest.

As I taste the whisky I first and foremost taste the peat.

But there is a flavor of the pears and bits of cinnamon and I think something that very well might be a tiny bit of cocoa.

The finish is of decent length with the peat leading the way with the fruit following close behind and just a hint of that cocoa trailing far behind.

Very very yummy whisky.

Now I'd wanted to grab three bottles.

The M31 which was the bourbon matured and brandy finished.

The M66 which was the Riesling finished whisky.

And the M59.

That's right, the peated one.

Instantly fell in love with it.

But the price for the bottle was $250+ which was sadly out of our price range.

When my wife asked me to just pick out two bottles I think it really surprised her that I didn't pick up the peated whisky.

Actually there was no think about it.

She told me so.


But I plan to snag that bottle very very soon.

Like maybe next week soon.

This trip down south led me to one very unmistakable conclusion.

Western Australia produces some BLOODY AWESOME single malt whiskies!

And since they only have the one distillery, The Great Southern Distillery, which is the distillery that produces Limeburners, that informs us all that Limeburners produces those AWESOME AWESOME whiskies.

Now before I leave the review I'd like to give a special shout out to Liz the Spirit Lady and the staff at The Grove.

I didn't review the other Australian whiskies because I didn't want to chance messing up the reviews with no notes taken, no samples on hand.

There would have been only two Limeburner reviews, the M31 and M66, if it hadn't been for Liz mailing me the other Limeburner samples.

Also my wife and I wouldn't have got to try these whiskies if Liz and the staff at The Grove hadn't been so kind as to open the cellar for us.

So a very grateful thanks and the last of a very special dram, the M59, goes out to them!

Slainte Mhath!


SquidgyAsh commented

Opps I forgot to put the ABV. It's 48%!

11 years ago 0

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