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Green Spot Single Pot Still

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 73

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

14th Feb 2022


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Having recently reviewed Blue Spot, I felt it would be a good idea to look at another Irish Whiskey in the same family. A few years (2019) @OdysseusUnbound was kind enough to prepare samples of Green Spot and Yellow Spot for me. I noted that I was quick to review the Yellow Spot in June of that year, but I never got around to the Green. This one is the least expensive of the “spots”, and bottled at 40%.

Given that @OdysseusUnbound’s review of this expression was posted in August 2019, my sample may have come from the same bottle. I offer it to you here:


Before re-reading his review, this expression was reviewed in my usual manner in a Brilliant glass, allowing it to settle after which I take my nosing and tasting notes, followed by the addition of a few drops of water, waiting, then nosing and tasting.

Nose: 21/25

Sweet, fruity and spicy. Red apple. Warm stewed apples (with a touch of cinnamon and sugar). Not too complex but quite pleasant.

Taste: 20/25

A little weak on first sip. It’s a bit thin on the palate, spirity. I get a touch of fruit, freshly bitten apple, a little spicy. Not much depth or layer.

Finish: 20/25

Astringent and slightly bitter. Fairly long finish.

Balance: 20/25

I expect a little more from the palate after the nose but the flavours seem a bit washed out.

Score: 81 /100

Water did nothing good for this one. The nose was unchanged but the palate disintegrated. I would score it under 70 with water.

In contrast, when I compare it to some of the Yellow spot I have left, I get a little richer nose, and a much richer, more flavourful, oily palate. There is no question which one I prefer.

Neat this is not bad. There are certainly no “off notes”. Probably a reasonable intro to Irish Whiskey for a whiski beginner. But I don’t think this will find a place in my cabinet.

Thanks again @odysseusunbound for the sample!

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OdysseusUnbound commented

It appears as though I’m not the only one who takes awhile to get around to reviewing samples. wink Thanks for your review.

about one year ago 3Who liked this?

RianC commented

@Nozinan - I think I rated this a few points higher but generally agree with your assessment. Not bad, and a good entry to Irish pot still, but not enough to keep me coming back. Cheers!

about one year ago 2Who liked this?

BlueNote commented

@Nozinan I just reread your Blue Spot review. Comparing the Green and the Blue: A 9 point spread on the scores, a 19 point spread on the ABV. Blue in a landslide. That’s the one I’ll be looking for. Thanks for both these very useful reviews.

about one year ago 3Who liked this?

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