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@huinemanReview by @huineman

16th Apr 2020


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This single grain came out endorsed by soccer player Beckham and his tattoos; that fact added to the overdimensioned, heavy, awkward, dark blue bottle (reminiscent of men's parfume) makes me think that the scotch was targeted at ubermasculine types by some pretended genius ad company. But that's just a thought on my side, nothing else.

It pours very pale straw-yellow. Aroma is biased toward sweety when neat (vanilla, butterscotch), but some water moves it toward the citrus and conifer sides. In the mouth it proves to be light and restrained, nothing along the line of robustness evoked either by the bottle or the publicity stunts. It's not bad, but something is lacking.

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BlueNote commented

I didn’t realize it was a single grain. Sounds absolutely hideous.

3 years ago 2Who liked this?

huineman commented

I wouldn't say hideous (at least I finished my dram) but it isn't great either. "Bland" might be a good word to sum it up. Or "forgettable."

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

RianC commented

@huineman @BlueNote - I tried this from a friend's bottle a few years back. Forgettable is a perfect descriptor. Still, always meant as a mixer, one feels.

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

BlueNote commented

@huineman @RianC A score of 68 says hideous to me, and for mixing I would probably just choose a good cheap standard blend such as Ballantyne’s Finest, because I believe the Haig Club is quite pricey, isn’t it?

3 years ago 0

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