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Heartwood Velvet Hammer

Hammer Indeed

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@VolksReview by @Volks

24th Aug 2013


Heartwood Velvet Hammer
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  • Brand: Heartwood
  • ABV: 68.8%

This review may ring some bells for some Auzzie whisky fans. Heartwood is essentially an independent bottling of Sullivan's cove (Tasmania). This is said to be ~14 years old making it one of the oldest Australian matured whisky's ever!

Now the Alcohol percentage is pretty intimidating but its actually very accessible. The reason for the almost Absinthe percentage is something to do with it being so warm in Australia that the water evaporates faster than the alcohol. Notes:

  • Nose: surprisingly accessible, polished leather and shoe polish, eucalyptus, green tea and pine cones, I suppose this is a fairly abrasive nose, but it doesn’t burn which is nice. With water unsurprisingly its better. All of the above but now some white peaches, pears white chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The polish aromas are much more restrained too.

  • Pallet: again, surprisingly drinkable, not a huge amount of flavour but it doesn’t blow your head off. It has a beautiful silky texture, stone fruits are there definitely, hard to pick much else. With water the notes that came through with water on the nose come through again here. Vanilla ice cream, pears and peaches, but there is also a kind of almond butter (if that exists) thing going on and pavlova

  • Finish: too locked in to pick out anything initially. With water fruit continues from the pallet, then it fades in to menthol, sage and wood spice.

  • Mark neat – 8.1, with water – 8.8.


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