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High West Campfire

Something new in every sip

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nReview by @numen

25th Jan 2013


High West Campfire
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Gift sample.

I vaguely remembered hearing something about this prior to tasting it, but I decided to just dive in without hitting the Googles. I went back to the Google in the middle of the tasting session to confirm my suspicions.

Nose: Lots of dusty sandalwood (fine quality). You really can get a bourbony, rye, and peat note. [This is when I actually got less lazy, did some research, and discovered that it was a combination of bourbon, rye, and peated whisky.] Nothing overwhelms the other points, it's all very well-balanced. Sweet corn followed by rye spice and sweetness, though the smokiness seems more like a lit cigar than a peat bog. Engaging. Maybe some mint, too.

Palate: A really lovely mix. Something different int every sip, which keeps you sipping more and more. The beauty of this is that the peat's present, and helps carry the other flavors, but light enough that it doesn't overwhelm- the usual challenge with such a mix. Sweet, honey, floral, smoky, you name it. I'm really digging it.

Finish: Just the slightest trace of smoke, and the rye is a bit more dominant, but it's really an easy and good dram. Easy to just keep having more and more

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