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2015 Update: Gov't work has taken me away from beverage…


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2015 Update: Gov't work has taken me away from beverage industry, but I've been traveling a lot more to interesting whisky distilleries in the US!

I'm a big whisky enthusiast, and have been ever since getting into the beverage industry in 2007. I'm a Senior Consultant at the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ where my focus has been mostly on wine. I try not to pigeon-hole myself into only enjoying one type of whisky, but instead really appreciate anything that's well crafted and is a good representation of its style or region. I've been on one trip to Scotland so far and toured some of the big-names as well as some of the smaller guys (Blair Athol, Balblair, Lochnagar were some favorites). Looking forward to spending a lot of time on this site!

The rating system I am most familiar and comfortable with is that used by Robert Parker when reviewing wines for The Wine Advocate. In my opinion a score in the 80-85 range is generally unfavorable while a score of 95 or above is earned by something very special. Ill also say that Ive found too much attention is often paid to the numerical score of a review instead of the text itself. For that reason, I'll be putting a lot more thought into my notes than my scores.

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