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Highland Park 12 Year Old

WHOA Peaty

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@BonnieMacReview by @BonnieMac

13th Feb 2010


Highland Park 12 Year Old
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Okay, here is my first review ~ I heard some good reviews about the Highland Park from various places, was at the HUGE grocery-store-like liquor store, and may have been lost in the bottles hiding in the fancy boxes and tubes, with that blindness I was grabbed by the nice black box and bought it, without doing all the research I should have! I got it home and admired the bottle and uncorked it with a POP...exciting!!!

Nice color between 'sunlight' and 'pale straw'.

I always have my scotch neat in a rocks glass - on first sip it was very overwhelming, tried it again, then added some water. It seems too peaty for me; while sipping again my mind raced to figure out who I could possibly give this to - thinking it doesn't belong on my shelf!

I am sure this 'simplistic' review is nothing like others have posted, but I know what I like and peaty isn't my preference.

I will try it again, after all I paid the $50+ for the bottle and it is taking up space that a more worthy bottle could be...at least I don't have to dust that spot?

Cheers...here's to a future and more involved review!

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PeatAndMeat commented

Highland Park 12 seems to get mixed review on this site, so you're not alone. Thanks for the review @BonnieMac

14 years ago 0

jwise commented

For those who have never tasted anything but blended scotch, or the more famous Highland whiskies, Highland Park (or any island whisky) is a bit strong.

The Bowmore was my first introduction, and I reacted in much the same way. After a few nights, I kept thinking about that whisky, imagining that it would go well paired with a cigar (something to mask its flavor!) A few nights later, after drinking one or two other whiskies, I found myself reaching for the bottle and pouring myself just a short taste. I actually enjoyed it, experiencing the flavor profile with curiosity, as opposed to surprise.

Now, I am in LOVE with the BIG island whiskies! I would suggest you hang on to that bottle, because what you were put off by yesterday, will turn you on tomorrow!

14 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

I have to say, I loved your review ... a lot of fun, but still communicating your feelings about the spirit! And so ... I'll drink to that ... and I did: I went and grabbed my HP 12 so I could compare my experience w/yours.

Prior to reading your uplifting review, I was trying my newly-opened bottle of 16-yr Glenrothes 1991/2007. At first it was uneventful, so I compared it to Macallan 12 and Springbank 10. I have found that it usually takes several samples (1/4 oz or less) to get into the groove where my tastings appear more valid, and I am beginning to have fun with these.

So here are my notes on the 3rd set samplings, with your HP 12 added at the end: (Note: "yummy" means that I really liked it, and "satisfying" means that I had a very positive experience.)

Glenrothes 1991: Smells like bourbon (good), sweet, yummy taste, and warm ... enjoyable.

Macallan 12: deep yummy flavor, nicely warm

Springbank 10: very satisfying. Deep flavor, smoked sausage (which I really like), exciting blast of sweetness ... lots going on ... really fun! (I keep coming back to Springbank, and always liking it).

Highland Park 12: Long, sweet, warm leather and rubber. A bit different, but I still found this quite enjoyable and satisfying.

( But note that my favorite Scotch, so far, is Glenmorangie Original. )

Sheesh ... I seem to like them all .. what does that mean ??

I really enjoy the fun of tasting ... but I hope this was also edifying to other spirit tasters as well. Send me an e-mail with your feedback.

14 years ago 0

Wheelock404 commented

Do try it with some food. It pairs nicely with chocolate, salmon and/or some cheeses. And the best thing is you get to eat/drink the winner (and the losers for that matter too!)

14 years ago 0

jdcook commented

The other thing you can do with stronger, heavier flavoured whiskies, is try them after a less powerful dram. All whisky is powerful compared to a lot of other alcoholic beverages, so even a mild whisky will numb the taste buds so that you are less likely to overwhelmed. It helped me when I went from trying Glenfiddichs to trying the Lagavulin 16 year old...!

14 years ago 0

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