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Highland Park Dark Origins

Dark Origins

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@tjbReview by @tjb

20th Oct 2015


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HP have a history of making quality drams so I was pleased to purchase and open this bottle. It is made from spirit matured in different cask types. 80% first-fill Sherry casks (20% refill) - 60% are first-fill European oak, with 20% being first-fill American oak

Amber in the glass, bottled at 46.8% and bottled in a black bottle.

The nose is smoky, bitter coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and dark fruits.

The palate gives pepper, smoke, coffee and peat.

The finish is long, drying pepper, dark chocolate, fading bitter coffee, peat and smoke.

It is interesting and whilst its good I feel ever so slightly disappointed. I think the HP 12 is bang for buck, the HP 18 is just great and this expression is good....but... for the money its not as good as it should be. Whilst we shouldn't judge on value when tasting it does nag a little. I feel that if you drank it without knowing what it was and you like HP you will like this. Does it fall short of the hype and my expectations? I think both but I still like it, will still drink it and may even buy another bottle in the future.

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GentlemanGrimm commented

Great notes! I'd happily drink this any day of the week however I agree that for the price it's not quite up to the point it should be which is a big shame. It's being discontinued soon though so make the most of it until then joy

6 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

@GentlemanGrimm , it's being discontinued? Good!

Not that I'm vehemently opposed to it or anything, but I tried it once at a buddy's house and found it pretty lackluster. Mostly, I find its concept and branding to be stupid, childish, and out of step with HP's overall vibeā€”even the Viking things, which are still mature in a way even when they're dumb.

I'll say it once again: What HP really needs in their lineup a more fully peated whisky that showcases that supposedly "heathery" Orcadian peat that people always go on about, but which I never really discern in HP's normal (light) peating levels.

6 years ago 0

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